Film Kulturalny – #2 – LOTR – Czym jest kultura?

Mateusz Kapała

Czas czytania: 3 min.

Cultural Film

We are at our homes.
Despite strong, inner drive to clean our house, create a gym or painting the basement we will probably limit ourselves to watching YouTube, Netflix or HBO GO.
Let me invite you to do it together – more consciously – and to arrive at conclusions better than we are able to draw alone.

Few Rules:
  1. We watch films in English (with English subtitles – or if it is too difficult – Polish are also ok)
  2. We watch from certain perspective – paying attention to some cultural and language issues
  3. We meet on Youtube – to discuss it – also in English.
  4. There will be two films per week – first as an introduction, second as live streaming – with your questions, comments and reflections.

Is there anything bigger in cinematography than LOTR ???
(I said bigger not better 🙂 )

So let`s grab this bull by its horn and discuss some cultural aspects based on the trilogy.

Enjoy watching and see you on Live Stream on Thursday !

Yesterday on #FilmKulturalny we talked about the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings – actually not only about LOTR but we tried to find an answer to a question – How does culture manifest itself?
We looked at differences between races in Middle Earth – Elves, Orcs, Race of Men ( in Gondor and Rohan) and Dwarves – we compared their architecture, weapons, clothes and also how they express their emotions or how they communicate with each other.
At the end we tried to find out what makes them so different even though – like Gondor and Rohan – they are not that distant geographically from one another.

There were different answers – it`s because of different history, motifs, goals, language, morality, cultures… so I asked a question – What is culture? Let`s define it…and that was a big problem 🙂
SO…………. This will be the topic of our next live – What is the definition of culture?
See you on Monday on next episode of #FilmKulturalny on

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Mateusz Kapała

THE teacher – responsible mainly for teenagers from former middle school (gimnazjum) and high school.
Teaching English – and treating language as an obstacle in learning about cultures and people from a foreign country.
So… instead of learning dry grammar facts – he promotes studying products of culture – music, films and books.
Because- to have something to say is as important as to know how to say it.


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